December 2015

In a Q&A with Treasury Management International (TMI), Michael Spiegel, Deutsche Bank’s Head of Trade Finance/Cash Management Corporates talks about some of the changes taking place in the transaction banking space

Spiegel says that the cash and trade industry is at something of an “inflection point”.
He adds that the inflection point is the result of two key trends converging – the growing complexity of corporate treasury and the arrival of new market entrants, particularly financial technology providers.
Spiegel adds that this has created an “interesting environment” for banks. “Fintechs can be our competitors, customers and partners at the same time.”
On the subject of regulation, Spiegel  says that banking regulations are generally welcome. “It is in everyone’s interest that the industry is sustainable and robust,” he says.
He concludes by stressing the importance of innovation. “Banks continue to have a fundamental role to play in innovation to deliver the sophisticated solutions that customers need to connect and reinforce the financial value chain.”
To read the full interview, click here.

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